Design is quality

The quality of a brush comes even from its own design.

Shapes and geometries of our products are developed by Chindo Europe creative lab, based on MCI The Agency, in the heart of Italian cosmetic manufacturing hub, in Ticengo, 50 km far from Milan.

Our chief design officer

In the lab the Italian designer Paolo Martignoni, Chief Design Officer at MCI The Agency, has been working for years in the international make-up business.

On the basis of Forecast Trends that stay ahead of market trends about shapes and colors, “our” Paolo goes deep into all the infos and creates a new personal style signed by CHINDO that is the guarantee for the high-quality of our products.

Online and offline communication

MCI The Agency is specialized in product design but also in all the aspects related to CHINDO communication, starting from the strategy and the offline and online tools development and arriving at the Exhibit Design and events media coverage.

A bridge between Asia and Europe

MCI The Agency is also the landmark for Chinese companies that wants to do business in Europe or, on the contrary, for Western companies that want to launch their products in the Asian market.