Chindo and the handcraft- Part One : The first 3 steps.

” Brushes are something of traditional that reminds us sweet caresses and softenss. In Chindo we put together technological methods and ancient handcrafts secrets to give to our clients unique products that make them win the competitive struggle.In Chindo we care of brushes “ 

That’s what our founder, Kuang Ye (Howard Kuang) is used to say talking about our products .

The brushes handcraft production steps are 8

1 Selection of the hair 2 Weighing 3 Carding 4  Molding 5 Thread wrapping and rolling

6 Putting into a tube 7 Pressing the tube and measuring 8 Glue injection 9 Inspection.

In this post we will introduce you the first 3 steps.

1-Selection of the hair: Chindo selects the high-quality brush hair and test the softness and elasticity of different hair; Work out the best solution for different uses of the brushes through the hair balance, trial and error as well as scientific hair matching ratio.


2-Weighing: the amount of brush hair is strictly regulated. Weigh it before manufacturing to ensure a sufficient amount of hair so as to create a compact and comfortable brush head for a comfortable and pleasant makeup experience.


3- Carding:re-organize the brush hair and remove the surplus hair and impurities, making the brush smooth and neat. Then tidy up the hair again on the workbench.


To be continued…