We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality products and services. Our mission is to constantly check and raise our standards to ensure we continue to provide the best possible service and latest innovations to our customers.

We are very serious about innovation and recently worked in collaboration with our partners to develop the highly advanced hair which are cruelty-free and eco-friendly. This technology now plays a key role in our finest quality and performance brushes.

Chindo in the world

CHINDO understands to maintain our customers and to develop new ones, we must offer the latest and most unique design solutions. Innovation and brand differentiation is how we build current partnerships and attract new customers.

Cangzhou Factory: This is considered our specialist facility, it is home to our most experienced brush manufacturing team. Here we produce our finest quality products in low volume batches.

Dongguan Factory: This factory is for luxurious natural hair product, which is the craftsmanship center of our most experienced team. We produce the finest natural hair product in this factory.

Chongqing Design Office: Innovation is the primary goal of the office. We dedicate ourselves to the most innovative design, including integrating eco-friendly idea into products. Always be highly passionate in creative design.

Chindo Italy Design Office: MCI is a cutting-edge communication agency that has been in the cosmetics industry for years. In this field, it focuses on brand identity, marketing strategies, packaging and acts as a bridge between China and Europe.

Shanghai Sales Office: The latest cosmetic designs based on latest and future trends, intellectual property right administration and marketing team to advise clients on new product development.

Hangzhou Sales Office:  The capital of online business which mainly focus on domestic market and the latest innovative information can be collected here.

Chindo EuropeCHINDO aims to be an international company. The european offices are a vitally important step to complete our organisation, and to have a real world vision of the brush market. The offices are in Crema (40km from Milano) in the italian cosmetic valley, with more than 3.000 companies by 40 km.

Chindo Japan: We have opened owned offices in Japan with an important local partner, to directly live one of the most dynamic economies in the world. With this organization we perfectly cover all the asian market, creation an effective and complete distribution platform.

Chindo Timeline

Jun 2008

Cangzhou Manier Cosmetic Brushes Co Ltd is established

Jun 2019

First Brush product manufactured at CHINDO is launched in Europe to great success

Jan 2010

CHINDO sign a deal with VANCL to manufacture high quality brush products

Oct 2010

Achieve technical certification for the supply of brush products to the Japanese market.

Sep 2011

CHINDO sign a manufacturing contract with BLOOMY to supply their brush products

Feb 2012

LEFANG bring their brush business to CHINDO, resulting in over 100,000 pieces sold

Dec 2012

Shenzhen Manier Cosmetic Brushes Co Ltd factory is opened

Apr 2014

Shanghai channel sales office is opened

Dec 2015

New Innovation in brush design through a collaboration with MCF bristle supplier

Jul 2016

Opening of the Dongguan Cosmetic Co Ltd Factory

Mar 2017

We have been launching TEXAMO brand on the chinese market, opening its Taobao web site

Nov 2017

CHINDO begins its international development in the OEM market, starting from Europe

Dec 2017

CHINDO reaches $7.000.000 turnover

Jun 2018

CHINDO opens new partnership with european market leader

Oct 2018

In Italy, for marketing and design, we sign an agreement with MCI Brand Appeal

Nov 2018

CHINDO participates The Innovation Day Event organized by Polo Della Cosmesi

Mar 2019

CHINDO opens Chindo Europe and takes part of CosmoprofWorldwide Bologna

Apr 2022

CHINDO once again takes part of Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna