MCF Bristles was developed to create a premium bristle that improves on animal hair in terms of performance but is like synthetic hair for reliable and efficient production.

MCF is a hugely innovative technology, developed by CHINDO in collaboration by with its partners. MCF is a combination of basic polymers, patented nanometer micron crystallised technology and a special chemical tipping technology.

Superior performance on powder pick up and liquid foundation absorbance.

No price fluctuations, as with animal hair supply.

Manufacturing process is streamlined and more reliable than animal hair.

The supply cost of MCF sits between animal hair (high cost) and PBT (low cost).

Unique Three Section Design

1. The Peak Section

  • The peak curve gradually changes from head to the tip to offer a superior softness.

2. The Neck Section

  • Created by Nano technology.
  • Softness and flexibility are improved due to the neck shape.

3. The Main Section

  • The micron crystallised structure is uniformly distorted to achieve a premium pick up and release performance.
  • Consistent calliper variance control to assure no breakage and fall off.

Three types of MCF



In the shining crystal shape of the cylinder, the delicate brush fibers, smoothly demonstrate the polygonal structure, like the petals blooming in the wind, caressing every inch of skin, flexibly and smoothly reflect the diamond-like luster, to make all women look like elegant goddesses.



Every elastic and slippery fiber is inspired by nature, the adjustment of crystal structure and the optimization simulation of biological characteristics, which enable creature crystal fiber to accurately grasp the mechanism of natural fibers, possess the delicate touch of various natural animal hairs.It also optimizes and solves the fundamental problems of animal hair such as hair loss, poor tenacity and tingling sensation.



The natural polymer essence infiltrates into the substrate layer by layer, with its natural texture and original background color, giving it a natural sense of comfort, and the colorful colors show their poetic charm in caress. Natural fibers with excellent performance, Beyond the traditional skin texture of brush fibers, the natural color of multiple ingenuity, full of the unique beauty of multiple serum fiber.